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Learn: How to Terminate Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury from Windows PC

Investigation Report Regarding Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury

First ever, evidences against Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury was made public by the security investigator from Microsoft in September 2014 but the updated research report was published in June 2016. After studying the report, we came across some interesting facts. Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury usually collects users credentials and displays the most relevant online advertising contents to generate internet marketing revenue for the adware developers. Once your computer is infected with the adware, you might see extra offers, pop ups or other kind of ads. These ads may attract you and lure you into clicking them. When you do so, your web browser gets readdressed to online shopping sites or deceptive websites (spamming sites). These site may display challenges or survey to complete in order to win prizes or get discount coupons. These tasks may be designed to collect your personal identifiable informations and online banking credentials. Though, you should not participate in such threatening activities.


Possible Reasons Behind Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury Intrusion

  • Lack of Antivirus Software : When you don’t take computer security seriously and don’t keep Antivirus software installed and up-to-date on your computer then Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury may target your computer without your knowledge.
  • Involvement in Harmful Activities : If you have a habit to participate in suspicious activities like double clicking attachments file arrived via spam emails, opening embedded links or installing existing software updates via redirected links may deliver Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury on your computer.
  • Pirated software or games : Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury may fall on your computer bundled up with pirated software or games that you download from unofficial websites. Such websites share malicious files in order to generate some revenue.

Characteristics of Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury virus

You may notice that your web browser is acting weird, being redirected to spamming websites without your consent. It may display endless advertising contents in order to lure you into buying malicious software or low quality home-based products. Moreover, when you check your browser’s settings, you find that default homepage and newtab settings have been altered and safe browsing option has been disabled by Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury. Though, your browser will open a hundreds of new window on affected web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox etc. When you try to close them, your system may freeze up or crash several times. Sometimes, you may notice page loading error and highly slow internet speed. The adware also collects your credentials such as email, phone, social security number, address, geo-location, online activities and so on. Thus, you will receive a couple of spam emails from unknown sources and calls from credit card companies or load providing companies as well. They may try to extort money from you, so be careful!

Finally, to get rid of Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury, we recommend you to follow given removal guide. Please note, to avoid such infection in future keep Antivirus software installed and up-to-date on your computer always.

Easily Remove Adware:Win32/PennyBeeLinkury From Your Computer

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What is PUP.Optional.PreBackup and how to delete it

Is PUP.Optional.PreBackup automatically installed on your PC without any consent? Are you too much annoyed or irritated by displaying numerous ads? Do you want to uninstall it from your affected PC? If yes then this post is really very beneficial for you. Follow the instructions as in exact order and delete PUP.Optional.PreBackup from your PC.

Delete PUP.Optional.PreBackup

Short Note on PUP.Optional.PreBackup

PUP.Optional.PreBackup is also known as MyPC Backup which classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program. It is an online backup solution that marked by JDI Backup which stands out from their other products. This type of program actually provide a backup solution but it is not user-friendly and very expensive compared to the other such services. At the first glance, it looks like very useful which claims user to speed up their PC by various toolbars, convenience applications, and all-in-one performance boosters. 

Intrusion Method of PUP.Optional.PreBackup

PUP.Optional.PreBackup usually appears in software wrappers which are programs or bundle other programs with it. Most of the System users easily installed it from its official site by thinking that it will help their PC but they do not know how much it is harmful to their Computer. The authors or creators of such a program utilize pay per install scheme to deploy their products over the Internet. In other cases, it can be acquired when downloading compromised files, visiting malicious web pages, using file sharing applications, visiting social media sites, sharing file network etc. These all are the most common distribution channels that used by such a program to attack user PC.

The behavior of PUP.Optional.PreBackup

Once PUP.Optional.PreBackup successfully gets installed on PC, it mainly targets all web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing, Yahoo, Edge, Safari etc. It drops add-ons, plug-ins malicious extension etc to achieve another notorious task. To start automatically, it installs itself as a browser helper object. The presence of such a program mainly affects entire browser and do lots of unnecessary things. Some obvious signs of PUP.Optional.PreBackup are as follows:

  • Display excessive pop-up ads and links on entire web pages.
  • Modified home page, start page or default search engine.
  • Slows down Computer and Internet performance speed by consuming more resources.
  • Opens the back door and allow hackers to access PC remotely.
  • Automatically install the too much malicious program and infection into the compromised machine.

Easily Remove PUP.Optional.PreBackup From Your Computer

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Assistance To Get Rid Of Pop-up Quickly

Are you encountering Pop-up ads constantly on your browser's screen while browsing ? Are you noticing modifications in your browser's settings ? Have your system's speed been degraded on large extent ? Want to remove it completely from the computer system but unable to do so ? If your answer is 'Yes' to all the above asked questions, then it is kindly advised not to get panic as fortunately you have landed on a very correct platform. Here in the below posted article elaborated description on Pop-up as well as it's quick removal from the system has been discussed. Read it carefully..

remove Pop-up

Depth Analysis On Pop-up Pop-up is a deceptive adware program, including potential of compromising computer systems world wide. Being compatible with almost every most popular web browser programs including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and MS Edge, this threat has been reported having capability of infiltrating successfully inside the targeted PC without seeking the user's approval. It once activated, wreaks havoc on the system. Initially takes control over the entire PC as well as the browser installed in it. Following this, brings modifications in the default browser's settings. Moreover also monitors the user's online practices and extracts their personal stuff such as browsing histories, bookmarks history etc. Then later on based on this flood the victimized browser's screen with countless pop-up ads.

Furthermore, Pop-up also downgrades the PC's speed as well as the Internet speed badly via taking up enormous amount of system resources and networking resources respectively. Alike several other perilous adware programs, it also installs numerous other potentially undesired programs in the system y degrading the capacity of the antivirus programs installed in the PC and blocking the firewall settings. Therefore, for having normal PC's working experience, it is undoubtedly very necessary to get rid of this adware infection as quickly as possible from the system.

How Pop-up Enters Inside PC ?

  • Downloading freeware, shareware and drive-by-downloads is one of the most crucial reason leading to the silent infiltration of Pop-up inside PC.
  • Often intrudes because of surfing hijacked or malicious domains and watching porn websites.
  • Via contaminated removable storage devices and using corrupted hardwares. Pop-up is Dangerous

  1. Pop-up modifies the default browser's settings including the preset homepage and search provider.
  2. Fill up the browser's screen with countless annoying pop-up ads.
  3. Steals the user's private information and reveal it to the online hackers for evil purpose.
  4. Slows down the system's speed badly and downloads various harmful infections inside it.

Hence, to keep the PC away from such hazardous issues, it is very important to remove Pop-up quickly from the system.

Easily Remove Pop-up From Your Computer

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Evernote Virus Removal from Google Chrome

Evernote Virus – What is it?

Evernote Virus, also known as Evernote Web Virus has been designed to infect major web browsers like Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, and Torch by inserting deceptive browser extension. The virus has nothing in common when comparing to any legitimate extension application. We must tell you that, Evernote Virus is distributed with the help of Multiplug (an unwanted program) that is digitally signed by a open source developer named Sergei Ivanovich Drozdov. Now you might be thing how does the unwanted program work? Well, at time of attack Multiplug drops these files – background.html, content.js, Isdb.js, manifest.json and WJA4Pkzixj3.js in the Chrome browser's extension folder. All of them are malicious script files that activate the Evernote Virus and starts malicious operations on the compromised computer.

Evernote Virus

Con artists have created the this adware-type browser extension to generate internet marketing revenue on the basis of pay-per-click as well as affiliate marketing. This malicious extension loads a content script into the web page that you visit. As a result, you see a whole lot of advertising contents in the form of banners, pop ups, posters, slides, flash video clips, light boxes etc. These ads may look attractive because they offer coupons, discounted deals, comparison of products, prize winning offers and so on. These types of ads attract inexperienced PC users. They click it and generate internet marketing commission for the extension developers. Moreover, Evernote Virus poses risks to your privacy by collecting your credentials with the help of online habit tracking technologies like Cookies and flashes.

How does “Evernote Virus” sneak onto your Windows?

  • Bundled with freeware and malicious third party application.

  • By double clicking spam email attachments.

  • Through infected External media drives.

  • By downloading files off the unofficial websites.

  • By visiting malicious sites and clicking pop up ads or banners.

How to prevent Evernote Virus attacks in future?

If you have installed an reliable Security software on your computer then first of all you should update it and scan your computer to remove threats. But if your haven't, then install a highly effective security software and activate its PRO-version. Cause, demo or trial version Antivirus doesn't provide full protection against the latest threats like Evernote Virus. Additionally, you should avoid participating malicious online activities. Most importantly, while installing freeware, thoroughly read related EULA and go through custom installation process instead default installation window. There you will see option to block optional programs. This is how, you can safeguard your computer.

Finally, we have created Evernote Virus removal guide, you are highly recommended make use of it. 

Easily Remove Evernote Virus From Your Computer

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Instructions To Get Rid of Smarter Password Toolbar Permanently

Smarter Password Toolbar

Get More Knowledge on Smarter Password Toolbar

Security investigators claim that PC users should not use Smarter Password Toolbar for keeping their passwords safe. While our analysts cannot claim that this toolbar does not work. However, you should beware that it is closely associated with the suspicious and questionable search provider called as MyWay. You can easily discover it instead of your default start page and the search engine just after adding this toolbar onto your Chrome browser. Also, it may start causing unwanted and annoying activities on your system, such as unexpected redirects, slows down in system running speed and even tracking of online searches.

Officially, the information which is gathered by Smarter Password Toolbar is identified as a “non-personally identifiable”. This information involves the search terms, mostly visited web pages, information that people usually add while visiting their desired or favorite websites and so on. Although, you can never be sure that such applications is not trying to gather information and data that you never want to reveal. In order to stay safe, you should remove the toolbar as quickly as possible. You can perform the removal of Smarter Password Toolbar with the help of a step by step removal guide which is mentioned below in this post.

Is it Safe To Keep Smarter Password Toolbar?

Once this annoying program gets installed on your system, you should be capable of noticing commercial pop-up advertisements during your online searches. However, our security investigators must warn you about the redirect issues related to Smarter Password Toolbar. The most of its unwanted redirects is initiated seeking to promote the sponsored web pages that are try to become more and more popular by using deceptive online techniques. No matter each of the websites which is promoted with the help of such dubious techniques is harmless, there is no guarantee that you will not be tricked into visiting a web portal used for spreading viruses and malware. You may click on an unsafe link accidentally or download a harmful executable file onto your system.

How Does Smarter Password Toolbar Invade Your System?

This toolbar can be installed from its official web page that can easily be found over the Internet. However, if this unwanted toolbar has appeared on your system without your approval, then there is a chance that you have recently downloaded a freeware from an unreliable domain and your downloaded software pack included few additional applications. Bundling is identified as a deceptive method which is used to promote Smarter Password Toolbar and other related adware programs. In order to avoid it, keep in mind that never choose the 'quick' or 'default' installation process These installation modes include an automatic agreement to install additional applications that you don't need. To avoid the installation of potentially unwanted programs and to install only preferred software, always opt for 'custom' or 'advanced' mode and uncheck all the undesirable points. In this way, you will reject the installation of unwanted apps such as Smarter Password Toolbar onto your PC.

Easily Remove Smarter Password Toolbar From Your Computer

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SMSfromBrowser Toolbar – How To Prevent It From Getting Installed

Is SMSfromBrowser Toolbar appears on your web browser? Is it mess up your entire System and browsing performance? Do you want to remove it from your web browsers? Looking for an effective removal solution? If so, your search ends here. This post will definitely help you to remove SMSfromBrowser Toolbar from your browsers and prevent it from reoccurring. Keep reading this removal guide….

What is SMSfromBrowser Toolbar?

SMSfromBrowser Toolbar is a browser add-on which listed under the Potentially Unwanted Program. This toolbar is created by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. It is compatible with all popular browsers. At the first glance, it looks like very beneficial which promises user to send free messages from browsers. It provides various links to sites for voice to text, free ringtones, online dictation and much more. But actually, it will never do things that it must do. It is really very harmful toolbar for your browser as well as PC. 

Uninstall SMSfromBrowser Toolbar

How does SMSfromBrowser Toolbar intrudes and operates?

SMSfromBrowser Toolbar can be downloaded from its official web page, However, it can be entered into your PC secretly without asking for your permission when you download and install any free content such as videos, images, software updates etc from the Internet. The most common distribution method of this toolbar is bundling method. Thus, it is suggested by an expert that user needs to be very attentive and careful while downloading any packages. They must opt Custom/Advanced installation mode, read terms&conditions carefully, accept EULA, deselect all unknown link etc. Through these way, you can avoid your PC from being infected by  SMSfromBrowser Toolbar.

Once installed successfully, it will do lots of malicious things on your PC. It makes all things very complicated and consumes more quantity of OS. Especially, it is created by cyber offenders for commercial purposes. To generate online revenues and boost web traffic, it displays numerous ads and links. Once, the customer clicks on any ads or links, they call the hundreds of malicious toolbars or viruses to enter on their PC. The worst behavior of such a toolbar is to gather victims all crucial data and share them with the public. In short, we can say that it is not just an annoying but also dangerous too. Thus, removal of SMSfromBrowser Toolbar is very necessary from the compromised machine.

Easily Remove SMSfromBrowser Toolbar From Your Computer

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Learn How To Delete Malware Protection Live (Removal Guide)

This comprehensive guide will help you to uninstall Malware Protection Live From your PC. Follow the instructions as in exact order provided at the end of this post. 

Malware Protection Live: Summary

Name Malware Protection Live
Category Potentially Unwanted Program
Risk Impact Medium
Brief Description Promoted itself as a free anti-malware tool which helps you to find out the malicious threat of your PC and remove them.
Distribution Methods Via freeware and shareware programs, malicious emails, torrent files, online Ads, hacked sites, infected devices etc.
Symptoms Slows down System speed, modifies entire settings, display fake alerts, search engine redirects, unwanted toolbars etc
Removal Possible

Details About Malware Protection Live

Malware Protection Live is a PUP which also known as Malware Protection Live virus. This program is promoted as a free anti-malware search engine for your compromised machine. At the fist glance, it looks like very useful which claims user to leverage cloud-based threat detection and daily updated to protected you from unwanted program and malware. But according to its behavior, malware researchers has identified this program is worthless. It has no any interface like other anti-malware type products. This program is just a standalone read windows which state that “Protect Your Computer From Malware.” This windows can only be minimized bot to be closed.

Delete Malware Protection Live

How does Malware Protection Live installed on PC?

Being a PUP, Malware Protection Live is usually sneaks into the user PC alongside other unwanted program or third-party download managers. So you should be very attentive and careful while installing any free content on your PC. During the installation, the main thing that you have to remember is that you must choose Advanced or Custom installation of freeware. Beside this, you need to find out all suspicious check marks. Your little attention can simply avoid your PC from being infected by such a malicious program or infection.

What can Malware Protection Live do?

After entering into the user PC, Malware Protection Live displays a check mark icon on the taskbar and creates the process to execute each time Windows starts. It also creates and schedules some new tasks automatically to execute each time Windows starts and to check where it has disabled or not. If the program has been disabled this unwanted program, it will automatically enable itself to execute. It automatically performs a scan process each time which as a result consumes more memory and CPU usage. Consumption of lots of resources will degrade your Computer and Network speed. On the initial inspection, it claims user to enhance their System speed but actually it does the exact opposite. To have a better surfing experience and avoid PC from further malware attacks, it is very necessary to uninstall Malware Protection Live quickly.

Easily Remove Malware Protection Live From Your Computer

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GMusicPlayer Virus Removal Report (100% Working)

GMusicPlayer Virus – What is it?

An unique Tech-support scam showed up recently in January, experts named it as GMusicPlayer Virus. GmusicPlayer software was supposedly created to enhance Windows users Media playing experience but working totally opposite. Instead, facilitating users new features, it delivers a whole lot of contents on the compromised computer. Security investigators reported that GMusicPlayer Virus carries out a completely different task such as assigns itself to startup programs and locks out affected computer’s screen each time when you reboot your computer. Lockscreen contains phishing text “Alert!! A problem has occurred that need your attention: Error Code generated : b-00xx01″ and asks to call 24×7 tech support technicians by dialing ‘1-855-223-9012’ for help.” Primarily, the potentially Unwanted program is unleashed to target Japan and USA based Windows users. Be careful! If you call them, they mislead you into buying fake security software or optimizer tools. Since, they are Pro-con artist, they follow up social engineering tactics in order to manipulate victims without getting caught.

GMusicPlayer Virus

What are threats associated with GMusicPlayer Virus?

First of all, you should know that GMusicPlayer Virus is released by professional con artists in order to boot bank balance by deceiving Windows users, especially inexperienced users. They may pose direct threat to your financial credentials such as Payment card number, email, phone number, IP address, login details and some Personal identifiable informations. In most cases, they ask to provide remote access to the affected computer, when you do so, they steal your private files, record your private moments and later on blackmail you for a huge amount. They can jeopardize victims by call or via email. If you notice that your computer screen is locked by GMusicPlayer Virus, try to take help from experts near to you. If expert is not available offline then make use of removal process provided online.

How to unlock PC screen locked by GMusicPlayer Virus?

To unlock your PC screen, you have to follow the provided GMusicPlayer Virus removal guide. But first you should remember how to prevent such infection in future. An efficient Security software may help you to fight and win war against GMusicPlayer Virus or similar threats. So, do not forget to keep your security software up-to-date always. Also avoid installing free software or suspicious updates. Now, follow the GMusicPlayer Virus removal instruction given below:

Easily Remove GMusicPlayer Virus From Your Computer

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Couldn’t Remove Win Tuneup Pro? Guide For Win Tuneup Pro Removal

Technical Description on Win Tuneup Pro

  • Name: Tuneup Pro
  • Type: Potentially Unwanted Program
  • Alert Level: Medium
  • Installation Folder: C:\Program Files\Tuneup Pro\
  • Estimated Size: 11.37 MB
  • Program Executable: tuneuppro.exe
  • Path: C:\Program Files\tuneup pro\tuneuppro.exe
  • MD5: b6e6af1b4e74dd24449fa967bed97445
  • Additional Files: CleanSchedule.exe, isxdl.dll, unins000.exe

What do you know about Win Tuneup Pro?

Win Tuneup Pro is a system optimization tool which may cause various issues on your PC seeking to convince you into purchasing its licensed version. According to its creators, the tool was designed for increasing computers' speed, improving their stability and keeping it free from errors. In fact, the program is truly capable of eliminating some of unnecessary files from the system. However, be sure that it won't improve the speed of your machine in any way. Even though, Win Tuneup Pro might be downloaded from its official website, but in most of the cases, it comes bundled with freeware programs and gets installed onto the users' machine without their knowledge.

Win Tuneup Pro

Once installed, Win Tuneup Pro loads its scanners and supposedly look for the junk or malicious files, errors and bad registry entries. Later on, the tool will display a scan report that will include a long list of applications that have to be immediately removed. While our security experts can not declare that these results are bogus, but you should be extremely careful on what you see because the scan result may be filled with legitimate installed softwares that do not affect the computers' speed. Hence, you should never trust and don't click on “Fix Now” or “Remove” buttons. If you click on them, then don't get surprised after being rerouted to a Win Tuneup Pro purchase domain and tricked into buying its paid version.

Annoying Consequences of Win Tuneup Pro

In case, if you would try to purchase its licensed version, then you could not only loose your precious money for an useless program, but also reveal your sensitive information, such as credit o debit card details, username, banking account information, email ID, to a suspicious company. Due to such reasons, do not leave Win Tuneup Pro on your PC for a second. In case, if has already sneaked inside the computer, take immediate proper actions and delete it without any hesitations. Furthermore, as our security experts have already mentioned, PC users who have been convinced that this program is a handy tool are able to download it onto their machine from its official website. Even though, there are many cases when this so-called optimizer application appeared onto the users machine after downloading various freeware and sharewares. Therefore, Win Tuneup Pro should be removed from your system without any delay.

Easily Remove Win Tuneup Pro From Your Computer

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Uninstall PrivacyDr : Best Tutorial For PrivacyDr Removal

Threat Summary:

  • Name: PrivacyDr
  • Type: PUP
  • Installation Folder: C:\Program Files\Privacy Dr\
  • Program Size: 8.17 MB
  • Executable File: PC_Privacy_DR.exe
  • Path: C:\Windows\Installer\{F12DB7DA-A288-4A82-A485-88C0DA9C160E}\PC_Privacy_DR.exe
  • MD5: 1b4ed66865251f429486957e4fc8cffe
  • Additional Files: Helper.dll, Interop.Shell32.dll, updater.exe, Setup.dll, InstAct.exe


Know More About PrivacyDr

PrivacyDr is program created by EuroTrade A.L. Ltd. which is especially designed to address the needs of system users regarding the protection of their computers' privacy. This software is advertised at website as capable of helping the system users to keep their installed web browsers and IM clients clean from chat, call logs and tracking cookies. Users are provided with the full version of this program for 39 USD and claim a refund if the users don't like the application. Besides, the security analysts note that the software comes from the same organization which developed RegistryDr. Application, and the tool come bundled with it.

Moreover, the system users who would like to try out the services of PrivacyDr may be required to pay 59 USD for the package with Registry Dr. Although, you should note that it does not provide any features and you would not find in your web browser and IM client. The software is advertised as compatible with Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IE and Google Chrome. Also, PrivacyDr provides the option to clean your browsers' offline data, such as app licenses, cookies, stored passwords and histories. However, you can use several genuine and legit extension or add-ons in order to manage your Internet browsers' data without paying a dime.

The PrivacyDr program may be attractive to the machine users that are looking for the central hub that they can use it to clean their online tracks across applications. As mentioned above, most of the web browsers and messaging clients provide the PC users with a option to wipe their useless information for free. This application is considered as a potentially unwanted program which might not be worth spending 59 USD. Furthermore, it may display a pop-up window in order to invite the computer users to install annoying softwares such as Desktop Dock from their partners' website and earn pay-per-click revenue. Hence, you can remove PrivacyDr and delete its residual files by using a trustworthy anti-spyware tool.

Easily Remove PrivacyDr From Your Computer

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