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BSOD Becomes ‘Green Screen of Death’ For Windows 10 Testers

Green Screen of Death

First there was a Black Screen of Death, where a Windows 3.x system would displays a screen with white text onto the black background when it crashed. Then after, around a time of Windows NT, the Microsoft switched to a Blue Screen of Death error, where the displayed screen of crashed PC contains a white text on a blue background. These errors block the screens that have been an important part of the Windows culture since forever. Now, the Microsoft is ready to take yet another measure step in its transition from old to new. Although, it seems that the newest and an unofficial Windows insider preview version of Win 10 is using a new GSOD (Green Screen of Death), according to MSPU reports.

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Spora Ransomware : Works Offline & Equipped with Sophisticated Payment Portal


Spora Ransomware is an advanced encryption virus which shows that ransom developers performing attacks professionally. It includes an extensive ransom notification which support for multiple languages, free decryption of two files, double encryption and a victim-friendly payment website. Spora comes from the Russian word ‘Spore’, which relies on bogus invoice emails for its distribution. These emails bear ZIP files which contains HTA (HTML Application) files as an attachment.

However, users might not realize it. This is just because the HTA files uses double extensions such as ‘DOC.HTA’ and ‘PDF.HTA’, which means that users might only notice the first extension. Clicking on those HTA files launches Spora Ransomware. According to the malware researchers, when a user runs HTA files, then it will extract a malicious JavaScript file named ‘close.js’ onto the %Temp% folder, which then extract an executable file onto the same folder and executes it. The executable generally uses a random generated name. This executable file is the main encryptor and will begin to encode the files and data stored on the infected system.

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KillDisk Ransomware Now Targeting Linux and Prohibiting Boot-Up using Faulty Encryption

KillDisk Ransomware

A new Linux variant of KillDisk Ransomware has been discovered by researchers, including potential of posing huge harm to the entire computer system. According to security experts, this infection itself is a new addition to the KillDisk disk wiper malware family which was previously only utilized to ruin companies via randomly deleting data and altering files. The Linux variant of KillDisk Ransomware was firstly discovered by ESET, just a week after researchers from CyberX detected the foremost KillDisk versions including ransomware features.

According to CyberX’s researchers, it’s first version was compatible only with the Windows OS. Now though being a member of the perilous ransomware infection, KillDisk Ransomware also encrypts thesystem’s crucial files after getting complete perforation inside it but researchers has reported it’s working algorithm completely distinct from each other on Windows and Linux versions of OS respectively. According to researches, KillDisk Ransomware do not save the encryption key anywhere on the disk or online on Linux OS.

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Cerber Ransomware Updated Not to Delete Shadow Volume Copies But Office Docs

Cerber ransomware is yet again in news and this time for a specific reason. The newly identified and the recent versions of this ransomware behaves somewhat different from the previous one. The biggest change in the recently detected version of Cerber Ransomware is that it does not delete the shadow volume copies, instead, it is targeting and prioritizing specific folders only. This change has been spotted only in the recent version but it does not mean that shadow volume won’t be targeted in the future version. This discovery mainly comes via the Microsoft Malware Protection Center along with the Heimdal Security.

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Newly Unleashed Alice Malware Targets ATMs to Spit Out Cash


Unlike RIPPER and SUCEFUL ATM malware, Alice Malware isn’t controlled via ATM’s PIN pad (ATM Keyboard) The malicious authors of Alice Malware haven’t focused on the coding that enables communication between malware server and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) through ATM key pad instead they have included an unique module that dishes out cash of ATM. Furthermore, it was highlighted that Authors of Alice Malware aren’t as experienced as other malware because their concept of collecting and selling payment card data online is really too much time consuming and poses risk of getting caught by cyber crime branch or FBI.

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Ransomware Attacks Increased to Manifold Targeting Businesses in 2016


Kaspersky Lab has unleashed a report that claims number of cases of sudden increase in Ransomware attacks lately. Various Companies have to bear the brunt due to infamous ransomware attack which has significantly gone up since January to September 2016. What is most alarming, is the fact that this is not the end of the road and count down is still on. If reports are to be believed it is most baffling as ransomware is targeting one in every five businesses worldwide and the attack rate of ransomware that makes the count and has surpassed previous records of one every two minutes to one every forty seconds now. For the normal computer users, the attack rate was even worse because the rate crossed one attack in every 10 seconds in the month of September, 2016.

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Osiris : A New Variant of Locky Ransomware Distributed via Excel


Osiris ransomware is a newly identified variant of Locky Ransomware which aggressively ready to hit the Windows PC. The ransomware developers moved away from the Norse gods into Egyptian mythology by using .osiris file extension. This file extension used only a couple of weeks after the use of .aesir file extension. It has switched between the numerous extension since its initial appearance has occurred in February when it was used the .locky file extension to encrypt the files. Some other variants that spotted are Odin, Thor, and Zepto.

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Cyber Hackers Using Microsoft’s OneDrive For Spreading Malware


Microsoft’s OneDrive For Business Distributes Malware

The security analysts from Forcepoint Security Labs have reported that the criminal hackers are using MS OneDrive for Business to distribute malware and viruses. The researchers also identified that the hackers have been using this cloud storage service to host the various payloads that are linked in the spam email campaigns which uses social engineering techniques. If the targeted victims fall for the trap, then they can get infected with several notorious viruses.

The Forcepoint security analysts have used different email samples in order to demonstrate how the cyber crooks uses the Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business accounts to spread malware. Moreover, the notable cases include the junk email campaigns where the system users receive few counterfeit invoices or other legit looking information. By using the popular cloud service, the con artists hope to make their malicious links appear more legitimate to victims. The crooks have hacked genuine users accounts and have used them for the malware distribution which is a nasty tactic.

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Hackers Using Facebook Messenger To Spread Nemucod Downloader and Locky Ransomware

SVG file spreading Locky Ransomware

If you come across with any Facebook Message with an image file in .SVG file format send by any of your FB friends, then just avoid clicking it. An ongoing Facebook Spam Campaign is widely spreading malware downloader among the FB users by taking advantage of a legitimate looking SVG image file in order to infect the systems.

If clicked intentionally or accidentally, the file would eventually infect your computer with dangerous Nemucod Downloader Trojan and Locky Ransomware (new variant .aesir file virus) which is one of the favorite tools among the cyber hackers due to its infecting capabilities. Discovered by the security analyst Bart Blaze, the nasty attack campaign uses the Facebook Messenger in order to spread malware downloader named Nemucod which takes the form of .SVG image file.

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Google Safe Browsing Serves Warning For The Repeated Offender Websites

Are you getting the warning notifications on the Chrome and other web browsers? Want to know the reason behind this? Go through with this post completely and get the complete information.


Do you know what is the meaning of Repeat Offenders?

Repeat Offenders are the sites that keep switching between the complaint and non-complaint behavior with gaming purpose. The site which is used to hacked or malicious purposes will be not be categorized as a repeat offender. That tag is solely reserved only for those sites that contain the host harmful content.

About the nine years ago, Google has introduced Safe Browsing to protect Chrome users from the unsafe sites. The SafeBrowsing basically serves as an alerting mechanism when the System users arrive on a site that determined by the Google’s web crawlers which used to serve up the unwanted software ads, malware, and other social engineering purposes.

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