Learn How To Delete decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus And Restore Files Back

Hello, friends, somehow my System files are encrypted with decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus. I got Read Me Please.HTA file in all folders which ask me to pay the ransom amount to decrypt my files. Unfortunately, I have no any backup of my stored files which all are encrypted. To get files back, I have tried several methods but unable to do so. Is there any chance to get back or restore my files back without paying a penny? If so, please suggest me as soon as possible.

Delete decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus

What is decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus?

decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus is dubbed as a data locking ransomware infection. This type of ransomware virus intrudes into the Computer users for looting the money. Like another variant of ransomware infection, it encrypts users all stored data and files by using .decryptallfiles3@india.com file extension. It uses very strong encipher algorithm to locks files strongly and make them inaccessible. This type of virus has been specially created by the cyber offenders along with the sole intention to make money and profit for third-party. After encrypting files successfully, it leaves a ransom note on the desktop screen which tells that how your files are encrypted and how you can get back your files. With the ransom note, it asks user to pay the ransom money. But before paying the ransom money, user have to think twice because there is no any guarantee that after paying off the ransom money, you will get the decryption tool. It has the ability to damages your PC badly without asking for your approval. Thus, it is advised by the expert that user should delete decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus immediately.

How decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus gets installed on the PC?

With the enhancement of Internet, the intrusion method of this virus spread widely. As all, we know very well that these data, System users will get their bill of credit card and any notifications via email. Indeed, some of them who have no any Visa will take it real when they get such a messages and notifications from the banks. The makers of this ransomware take advantages of psych and send them messages with the subjects identified with a bank. When the users have opened such a messages then this ransomware gets itself introduced on the user PC automatically. Beside this, it also intrudes into the user Computer via infected devices, freeware packages, torrent files, P2P file sharing network etc. its distribution channels are different but the main source of the infiltration is the Internet.

Motive of decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus

The motive of decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus is to scare you by displaying fake alerts and warning messages. It scrambles the documents on the Computer and forces user to buy its decoding key. In case, when the hackers do not recommend you to buy the decrypter key then you can lose your identity in this process. It asks user to pay the ransom money which costs are a bomb. As long as it stays on your PC, it will create lots of troubles to you. If you really want to save your data and PC for a long time then you should get rid of decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus a quickly you can.

Easily Remove decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From Your Computer


Step 1 : Start PC With Safe Mode

Step 2 :Kill decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From Task Manager

Step 3 : Uninstall decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From Control Panel

Step 4 : Remove decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus Related Registry Entries

Step 5 : Delete decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From msconfig


Manual Approach To Remove decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From Windows Computer

Step 1 : Start PC With Safe Mode

  • Restart your computer by making a click on Restart button.
  • During the process of restart, press F8 continuously.


  • With the help of arrow key, click on “Safe Mode With Networking” from boot menu.


  • Now, your PC will start in Safe Mode.

Step 2 : From Task Manager, End decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus Related Processes

  • From your keyboard, press Alt + Ctrl + Del all together.


  • You will see Task Manager window will get appeared on your PC screen.
  • Now, move to Process Tab and search for Processes related with decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus.


  • To clock that task, simply click on “End Task” button.

Step 3 : Uninstall decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From Control Panel

Windows 7

  • Click on Start menu and then open Control Panel.


Video Solution To Remove decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus

  • From the Program category, move to Uninstall a Program option.


  • Now, from the list, choose all decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus related programs and then click on “Uninstall” button.


Windows 8

  • Click on the Search button on the right edge of the screen and then type Control Panel.


  • Move to Uninstall a Program option from Program category.


  • From the Program list, select program related to decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus and then hit on “Uninstall” button.


Windows 10

  • Hit on Start button and from the Search box, search for Control Panel.


  • Move to Program and choose Uninstall a Program option.


  • Choose unwanted programs added by decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus and click on “Uninstall” button.


Step 4 : Remove decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus Related Registries From Windows Registry Editor

  • To open Run box, press Win + R button together.


  • In the Run dialog box, type “regedit” and then hit OK.


  • Now, choose all decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus related registries and Remove them from PC completely.

Step 5 : Delete decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus From msconfig

  • Press Win + R button to open Run command box.


  • In the Run box, type “msconfig” and then hit Enter.

run msconfig


  • Now, open Startup Tab, and then uncheck all the entries which are from unknown manufacturer.


I hope you guys have must solved your system issues and have removed decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus completely from your windows by following above mentioned processes stepwise. If you still find this infection inside your PC, then you may got for malware removal tool which is best to be used. It is one of the most easiest way to delete all malware infections from windows computer system effectively. Download Free decryptallfiles3@india.com file virus Scanner to perform scanning of your PC. It can easily detect and remove dangerous threat from PC.

If you have any type of queries left in your mind related to system problem, feel free to ask our experts. They will happily solve your issues in just few time.


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