Ransomware Attacks Increased to Manifold Targeting Businesses in 2016


Kaspersky Lab has unleashed a report that claims number of cases of sudden increase in Ransomware attacks lately. Various Companies have to bear the brunt due to infamous ransomware attack which has significantly gone up since January to September 2016. What is most alarming, is the fact that this is not the end of the road and count down is still on. If reports are to be believed it is most baffling as ransomware is targeting one in every five businesses worldwide and the attack rate of ransomware that makes the count and has surpassed previous records of one every two minutes to one every forty seconds now. For the normal computer users, the attack rate was even worse because the rate crossed one attack in every 10 seconds in the month of September, 2016.

In the current cyber security aspect, this alarming data confirms that the ransomware infection is one of the most nasty virus which attacks both home computer as well as the businesses. Ransomware attack could have severe impact on companies, because 67% of the organizations lost their corporate data and 25 percent of the victims spent several weeks for trying to decrypt the data. In the third quarter of 2016, the security analysts from Kaspersky Lab have detected 32,091 new ransomware threats which significantly increases as compared to 2,900 infections detected during the first quarter of the year.

Due to infamous act of hackers keeping themselves underground, such type of vicious threat is becoming more popular and the threat makers are developing new ransomware infections which presents sophisticated features that are able to bypass the detection. Although, the ransomware virus allows the con artists to rapidly cash out their efforts, despite numerous recommendations in order to avoid paying demanded ransom amount, there is still a huge number of victimized users prefer to pay ransom fee to decrypt their files, data and documents. Moreover, small and mid-size businesses are mostly targeted by the ransomware, according to the analysis conducted by Kaspersky.

Over the past 12 months, there are 42% of SMBs are suffered from a ransomware based attack. Amongst, one in three paid up the demanded ransom money, but one in five never got the decryption key to unlock their files, despite paying. After a giving a close look at the ransomware parasites, CTB-Locker virus has represented one of the most noxious threat in this category. One of four victims was infected by CTB-Locker ransomware. Other most successful ransomware virus were Locky and TeslaCrypt.


“The ransomware attacks are the result of more targeted infections based on spear-phishing messages and the social engineering attacks against any specific companies”, observed by the Kaspersky researchers. Targeted attacks of ransomware allows the cyber offenders to maximize the likelihood victims will pay up the asked ransom fee. Furthermore, the Kaspersky urges the organizations to increase awareness about the viruses by training their workers and also to back up their sensitive data regularly. It is very important to adopt the security solutions and maintain installed programs up-to-date. The key to system safety is caution.

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