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Javascript Evil Ransomware : Removal Steps and Protection Tips

​​delete Javascript Evil Ransomware

Short description about Javascript Evil Ransomware

Security researchers recently discovered a new ransomware strain called Javascript Evil Ransomware. It is based on Javascript as evident by its very name. It is still under the security review for their behavior and demolishing properties. Even not any antivirus companies added into their virus definition updates. It has been completely programmed in Java language and it uses the strong encipher technique of AES based encryption. It using this technique targeting the users data and files. It has been not a detailed list of affected files has been released by the experts. But the experts assuming that it targets the users files such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, backups images, audios, videos and official documents. After collecting all the targeted data objects it executes the encryption process and after completion of this process appends a new ".file0locked" file extension with each encoded files. It also display a demand message on the victims screen which can be seen as :

delete Javascript Evil Ransomware

It created unique id for each infected victim and does not show a particular ransom fees for all the victims. It means that the ransom threat hackers demanded different amount of sums from the victims.

Technical things about Javascript Evil Ransomware


Javascript Evil Ransomware



Risk level


File Extension


Ransom Demand


Distribution Method

Spam emails and malicious visits.

Javascript Evil Ransomware : Infection Transfer To The Users Systems

It has been detected to mainly deliver and target innocent PC users via malicious droppers. This infected program is also delivered to you through spam emails campaigns that uses various phishing methods and social engineering tricks to download their attached files on to their computer system to inject the infectious codes into their healthy PC to make it vulnerable. Some of the other possible intrusions methods are like downloads of freeware from untrusted sites or hacked websites, drive by downloads, undesirable clicks on ads and some other virus infections are also responsible for the distribution of the infection.

Preventions that you can follow to safe from the attacks of Javascript Evil Ransomware

  • Always use latest updated antivirus on your system that can minimize the virus attacks.
  • Do not open spam emails that looks legit like an official documents.
  • Do not click on the random ads or links.
  • Always keep a good and updated backup of your files.

If you are really got fed up from the consequences of this ransom threat then you can use a credible anti-malware on your system to remove Javascript Evil Ransomware. After removal run your backup to restore your files back.


Easily Remove Javascript Evil Ransomware From Your Computer

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